Friday, July 4, 2014

Lisa at Last! Pueblo 2014

Once, was not enough.  I had really wanted to photograph Lisa in 2013 in Pueblo, timing, shyness, whatever the reason, it didn't happen.   Turns out the road would be calling our names again, back to Pueblo last month.

It begins.

Early on a saturday I headed out, Burbank to Denver.  I had a view of smoke coming off the North end of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River? and clouds coming in over the Rockies.

Denver Airport,…you are just too creepy.  I understand that the message of this work is global peace and unity, however, if you are leaving the airport, you view the work in the order of peace THEN destruction and fear.  This pair of murals, the demon pony outside (not pictured) which has it's own niceties, and the swirling conspiracy theories about aliens and underground government tunnels,…creepy.

Onward with urgency to the beauty and adventure please!

We got into town, of course hit Bingo Burger again, then settled into the hotel with a lovely view of historic downtown Pueblo and a beautiful cloudy sky. 

We really enjoyed these painted signs that also had vintage electric signs on them.  We had an evening of checking out Pueblo's legendary pubs,  each one rich with it's own beautiful history.  Ending the evening with live music.  GOOD live music, they even played the washboards. I love this town.

The next morning we were off to a Bluegrass festival.  These bluegrass musicians travel in style!

A band warming up under some trees, such a nice moment. 

Later on stage. 

And this fella really layin' it down on mandolin.

There was also a horse event going on right next to the Bluegrass festival.

We were a little more interested in seeing the precious horses hanging out outside the arena than the actual horse event. 

After the events, we journeyed around Pueblo looking for some good locations for our shoot.  Sometimes when you get lost, you find yourself. 

We had dreamt of having pepper fields to shoot in, but it's too early in the season. However, we found some pretty pepper field-upstaging spots.  Lisa and I have a love for locomotives, so what better than to start with a nearly 500 ton growling, heavy, dark beast of a machine.  Lisa, so tiny and delicate in comparison to her co-star, although, just as strong. 

Off to our second location during the dream hour, a natural preserve that I easily could have stayed overnight.  It was so beautiful.  Once again, Lisa showing her strength and beauty.  We wanted to get shots on top of this mesa, she made her way up with steady pace despite having arrived this trip in a ankle brace from a sprain. 

And the last shot (below), too dark to work with, but it was fun for the two of us with the moon in the background.  When I was taking this photo, this exact photo, my right forearm would feel the nasty pain of a biting insect that was on a mission to take me down.  I love bugs, a lot…I'm not sure what they've got against me. 

A very beautiful evening, beautiful photo shoot with a beautiful woman. 

The next day, we were saying our goodbyes to Colorado, and taking a small detour to at least get to drive through the Garden of the Gods.  I can't wait to come back here.  

We stopped at the park's visitor center to get a little bite to eat.  During which, my little bite on my arm was going nuclear, burning up despite having an ice pack on it, itchy to the max, and I began feeling increasingly ill.  "Does it look weird?"  At least I had the comfort of knowing thanks to food allergies, I now travel with an epipen.

Rolling away from the park with the radio on, en route to the airport, more gorgeous land. 

Home.  One "minor emergency" trip to the doctor, antibiotics every 6 hours for a few days, every homeopathic remedy available and I was back to almost normal.  It looked like my arm was broken.  I think this bug had an ironic sense of humor, biting me in the balloon, causing much inflammation.  I'm glad I can laugh about it now!

Another splendid trip to Pueblo, Colorado with someone I truly enjoy being around.  Beautiful art, and hell bent bugs.  I will take every second of it all over again.  Take the good with 'less good', just keep that positive attitude and there are no bad days.