Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Road Trip Continued: Pueblo,Co 2013

Last week I shared about my random road trip Los Angeles to Nashville (posted below).  After a few days in Nashville, Lisa and I headed to the beautiful and historic town of Pueblo in Southern Colorado. Lisa works for this awesome company,, writing content about the nations raddest places you should visit or move to.  We had talked in the past about meeting up on a trip sometime, this was our chance.

We left Nashville at before the sun had even a thought of rising, and on our way.  Lisa got in a little nap during the flight while I gibbered with a precocious red-headed, freckly, solo flying tween, she was hilarious.  Landed, exhausted and it's only around 10am.  Set out from Denver to Pueblo, about 2  our  drive of beautiful scenery and landmarks, it really was a sight for sore eyes.

With time on our hands, feeling haggard, scruffy and a travel worn,  I could actually go for a hair cut, Lisa was up for one too.  I know what you're thinking, a stylist in a town you've never been to? Well, the gamble paid off.  After a Goldie Locks like series of calling places, we found the joint that was 'just right.'  The girls at Infinity Salon, we kind and talented and we left looking amazing (even with my roots!)

Lisa had her meeting and I napped, or at least tried to.  I cleaned myself up, put on my new awesome vintage dress I score in Nashville at my favorite shop The Hip Zipper.  A delicate pre WWII piece, with  gorgeous velvet buttons.  I am almost scared to wear it, it's so pretty, and I'm the girl likely to climb a tree before the night is over.  It's still in one piece somehow!

Dinner by the river walk at Angelo's, holy hell, so good.  I should mention Pueblo is kind of famous for their Mira Sol chiles, and they will put them on everything.  And that ain't a bad thing at all.  I am so thankful for their gluten free pizza crust and extra mira sol chiles,…mmmm.  Back to the hotel, quick change into 'post pizza eating' pants, yeah I said it, and off to Pueblo reservoir for one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have witnessed.  My photos cannot justify the magnitude of the beauty.

It unfolded in different stages.

Clearly, we were amazed. (this phone picture was after the fireworks of the beautiful sunset.)

Even much after the light was gone, more beauty.

The next morning, I tagged along with Lisa for a tour of the newly renovated Memorial Hall.  This building was simply breathtaking, and we saw every corner of it! The planners of the renovation had made efforts to restore, revitalize and reuse any pieces that already existed.  There is a theater side, and the other side will be city hall  offices.  Lisa and I were disappointed we couldn't come back for the Memorial Hall's debut with comedian Anjela Johnson the following month.

Did you know Pueblo is the hometown for many recipients of the Medal of Honor, making this historic Colorado town the "Home of  Heroes."  President Dwight D. Eisenhower is attributed with the quote "What is it…something in the water out there in Pueblo?  All you guys turn out to be heroes!"

We grabbed a bite at Bingo Burger, a local hot spot.  Now, being vegetarian and not able to eat gluten, I am a travel food nightmare.  However, I was able to really pig out without any dietary concerns, it was awesome, go Bingo Burger. Veggie burger, lettuce wrapped, extra chiles please!!!

The weekend came around along with the downtown event the 'B Street Bash.' Live music by a band composed of all high school music teachers rocking everyones faces off, they were awesome and had the crowd dancing all night long.  We ran into a couple of the girls we met a day ago at the salon, danced in the rain, and even were serenaded by Elvis?

A beautiful unexpected trip that kept delivering new excitement.  Time to leave Pueblo, but first to hoop down by the river walk to complete my hooping in every state.  Back to the (creepy) Denver airport (ALIENS!) I'll spare you the conspiracy theories tales, haha. 

Evidence of Aliens at the airport?

Waiting for my plane under stormy skies, and then off I go. Southern California bound, for the air I watch the landscape turn, hint of snow topped mountains with clouds to dry, reddish swirls, to golden land and sprawling neighborhoods. 

Home at last. I whipped through in 8 states 6 days, at a fast paced, but still thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I hope you say yes to any opportunities that come your way.

I'll see you on the road.

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