Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stop waiting for permission, DANCE!

2013 was a revolutionary year for me: My work changed. my business changed. My life changed. Some of it was inevitable - change that I already consciously had in play. And then there was that one thing that changed so much for me in a beautifully unexpected way. It's difficult to put in words my deep gratitude for the woman behind the magical place that evoked so much in me, but I'm going to try. On January 16th, 2013, I stepped into a beautiful palace of female empowerment, self-expression, and most of all, support. It was a dance fitness studio for real, grown ass women - no men. The owner, a gorgeous woman, tall and slender, graceful and kind, yet not pretentious in the least despite all those fortunate characteristics. She was easy to love and trust almost instantly. Even more, she has accomplished an important mission of creating what I quickly learned to be an amazing place enriching the lives of the women in our community. I practically lived there, I was around so much. This place became more than a spot to work off love handles; it was the first place I had felt a sense of community in a town in which I have lived since 2003. There was no girl-on-girl hate or criticism, just this beautiful, genuine support and encouragement from everyone there. For me, it was a sanctuary for women and a catalyst for feeling good again. Do you know what happens when this combination of support, happiness and movement occurs? Art.
When you dance, you literally become living art. It doesn't matter what the lady next to you is thinking or doing. She might as well not be there. Your spirit is lifted, your woes silenced to a murmur, your heart filled with joy. When all of that is happening you're open to the most beautiful visions of life, art, or whatever it is you dream of. My brain was on FIRE. I couldn't keep up with the ideas sparking. I felt motivated and inspired to create the work that was in my heart. It was really hard for me to leave the stability of my old photography business and start something new, the work of my dreams. I needed this reminder to be free, to spin, skip and fly so that I would get out of my own way, lose my fears and be the artist I was meant to be. I, like the owner of this enchanted place, have a fiery desire to bring value to the women in my community (the universe!), and to shine a light on how absolutely remarkable they are. I want you to play dress up, see yourself in a new way, laugh so hard you snort, sing along loudly to the radio as it plays that song you couldn't get enough of 10 years ago even though it's ridiculous to you now, be silly, challenge yourself to say "I deserve this and more" in life, get lost in imagination and we'll start all of this with a little dance. I received such a great gift from coming to this place and meeting these beautiful talented women, teachers, staff and members. Life is dance. Don't fill your dance card with fear while watching others enjoy themselves. Whatever your "dance" is, go dance!

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