Friday, June 13, 2014

I Don't Take Pictures, I Make Art. Let's Create a Masterpiece!

Apple and oranges, both are delicious, but what do you really crave?  There are picture and there is Art.  This comes up frequently, and there is a difference.  You may put more value one more than the other.  Are pictures are your "before" and Art is your "after."

Pictures are something you take with friends at happy hour, baby showers, a "selfie" or 3 day weekend at the beach.  Fun little vignettes marking the festivity with a bright smile, possibly a drink in hand, and (hopefully not, but ok…) maybe a "duck face."(Just say no to duck face!)  These are great pictures that you will look back on and laugh and smile, but these pictures don't stimulate you the way art will.

You will also look back on Art created with you in it and smile, but the experience is felt much deeper.  Art, will tease your senses, toy with your emotions, and sweep you away.  You explored a different color in your spectrum of vibrancy, maybe you tried on a different personality, you stepped out of your comfort zone and went for it (You go, Glen Coco!).  You took a risk,  and had undeniable growth from it.

I look at my old photography with Ambitious Misfit and while it was super fun, glamorous and cheeky, I feel it walks a thin line between "pictures" and "art."  This is just my perspective as the creator.  I have changed quite a bit in my personal and professional life.  I am so absolutely grateful for the time and experiences with AM.  I learned so much about everything, it lead me to the place I am at now, and the true artwork I am now creating.

I want so much more FOR YOU than to give you a "picture."  I want to give you a story, no, a legend of depth and beauty.  Sweet or sinister, mild or spicy, light or dark.  Every single one of you has something you are just dying to explore locked in that tightly wound brain of yours.  When did you stop playing in your imagination?  It's still there, scrape the rust of the sides and blow the top off of Pandora's box.

If you are content with pictures, go out and thrive and take as many as you possibly can! If you're seeking something more, and you want to draw up a new story line for your character and let's make some art! Have both, have all!

Take my hand, let's run away.