Friday, March 15, 2013

Ambitious Misfit Finale

One of my first images that kicked off a great start.
Incredible people and learning experiences filled the past six years of my first professional photography business, Ambitious Misfit. With that in my heart, the next level awaits, and I want to share with you the beginning of something new. You’ve all helped create something wonderful that leads to this next step: A new business with a new brand!

Why am I doing this? YOU
Ya like how I put you first? That won’t change!

The relationships we’ve forged and my previous work makes me so proud, but it’s as simple as this: YOU get the reward of skills and ideas I gained through the 6 years with Ambitious Misfit, classes and experiments over the past year, many of which just simply don’t match the old brand.

That said, let’s go out with a BANG!
Announcing: The Ambitious Misfit Farewell Tour   so to speak ;)
I’ll shoot here in Southern Cal, Las Vegas, and Nashville, and possibly a few other other cities AM should make a final stop based on demand (Phoenix, St. Louis, Honolulu, or Weeping Water, I am talking to you!)

I can't wait to serve you one last time as "Misfit" and in the future as the new entity (name and details coming this summer)!  

From my first Nashville Shoot

As I think about all of you who entered my life as clients and became some of my dearest friends across so many states, I see clearly how you made me both a better photographer and a better person. Photographing you was an invitation, but getting to know you was a true gift.  I am so blessed, I cannot express my deep gratitude.  

Hug inserted here (place your arms around computer/mobile device now).

THANK YOU for your loyal support over the years. I have so much love in my heart for all that we created so far, and I know we will continue to create great work together. 

Collette Lash

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  1. Awww... I'm feeling all emotional for you. :)

  2. HUGS!! And CHEERS to new ventures!

  3. Myself and the rest of my family love you. .. no matter what you do, wherever you go, you have a friend for life :-)