Friday, March 15, 2013

Ambitious Misfit Finale

One of my first images that kicked off a great start.
Incredible people and learning experiences filled the past six years of my first professional photography business, Ambitious Misfit. With that in my heart, the next level awaits, and I want to share with you the beginning of something new. You’ve all helped create something wonderful that leads to this next step: A new business with a new brand!

Why am I doing this? YOU
Ya like how I put you first? That won’t change!

The relationships we’ve forged and my previous work makes me so proud, but it’s as simple as this: YOU get the reward of skills and ideas I gained through the 6 years with Ambitious Misfit, classes and experiments over the past year, many of which just simply don’t match the old brand.

That said, let’s go out with a BANG!
Announcing: The Ambitious Misfit Farewell Tour   so to speak ;)
I’ll shoot here in Southern Cal, Las Vegas, and Nashville, and possibly a few other other cities AM should make a final stop based on demand (Phoenix, St. Louis, Honolulu, or Weeping Water, I am talking to you!)

I can't wait to serve you one last time as "Misfit" and in the future as the new entity (name and details coming this summer)!  

From my first Nashville Shoot

As I think about all of you who entered my life as clients and became some of my dearest friends across so many states, I see clearly how you made me both a better photographer and a better person. Photographing you was an invitation, but getting to know you was a true gift.  I am so blessed, I cannot express my deep gratitude.  

Hug inserted here (place your arms around computer/mobile device now).

THANK YOU for your loyal support over the years. I have so much love in my heart for all that we created so far, and I know we will continue to create great work together. 

Collette Lash

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mary & Carlos's Halloween Wedding 10/31

I have been so busy with work, I haven't been able to blog this wedding. Which was not only a wonderful wedding to shoot, but personally very special.  The bride, Mary, a talented artist, is a long time friend of mine.  When you know someone so long, and know them before they meet their match, see them grow together with them, and then shoot their wedding!?! It's hard not to get giddy.

Their wedding was actually *on* Halloween, October 31st, 2013.  A gorgeous day, how did all my brides score perfect weather, there must be voodoo involved.  Which reminds me, you should have seen the invitations, with original artwork by Mary of her and Carlos as voodoo dolls of love. Precious.
(the painting of Mary's piece for the invitations)

Let's dive right into it!  Family and friends were setting up at the park where the ceremony would be taking place,  Mary and some family getting ready back at the hotel.

  Mary's mother made her dress, with Mary's requests. A Cinderella white gown wouldn't work for this spunky little artist with love for all things silly/spooky. The bright green fabric with the bat lace was perfect.

It's time! Off to the park for the first look and then the moment we've all been waiting for!

Is he ready??? Because  she is!!! (Mary thinks that photo of Carlos looking worried is hilarious!)

Can you feel the giddiness? It was like they saw each other for the first time again, feeling the butterflies.  I love the family in friends in the background watching from a distance.

So cute!!!
And on to the ceremony!
Mary's Dad is the coolest, I feel like I made a new plaid-loving friend this day.
Carlos played music for his beautiful bride to walk down the isle to. 
Surrounded by loving family and friends, the main event begins.

They Couple requested a photos of the wedding guests. It was cute, I had not done that before.

Making it all official ;)

 Guest Book
More of Mary's rad artwork for the invitations.
 A glimpse of Mary's vows.

Now I referred to the ceremony as the main event, but truthfully, with Mary and Carlos, the after-party at Disneyland was the big event.
Sending in the marriage certificate.

Disneyland set them up with fancy little buttons, "Just Married."

Let the good times roll! The wedding party hits the streets of Disneyland.

And Mary and Carlos,...they run his town!

Carlos so happy he's levitating.

  They couple wanted a classic private dinner with their family and guests. It was lovely. 

One of their guests carved this little jack-o-lantern for the couple while at the dinner, super awesome.

And that's how the next chapter of the story of Mary & Carlos begins.
;) Congratulations, y'all.