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Late Summer 2012: Nebraska, Midwest Misfits & The Wrist Alien

I think with the following blog entries, this one and the following to come, it will become very clear why I was unable to keep up with the blog.  Following the gorgeous summer wedding of Amanda and Jason, I was on the road again returning to Weeping Water, Nebraska.  I could say I was heading there for work, but if you have followed my posts before, you know what happened in 2011.  Everyone loves the pie at Grandpa Snazzy's

The journey east unfortunately got off with an unexpected 5 hour layover in Las Vegas.  Not being a drinker or gambler, I spent the time doing my airport "workout" of walking every terminal, squats, jumping jacks, push ups, and happily smiling to looks of confusion by fellow travelers.  Finally made it to Omaha and onto Weeping Water, got unpacked and set for shoots in the am,  to which, were still met with energetic excitement despite 2 hours of sleep.

I had 4 very full days of photographing the kind and beautiful women of America's Midwest.  I  had such a great time meeting and photographing all of you! The Nebraska and Iowa ladies always deliver such lovely images, beauty on the inside and out.   I'm not sure which is sweeter, the "Misfit Berry" Pie at Grandpa Snazzy's or the warmhearted and gorgeous women.  My life is better with a healthy serving of both.

Here's a little slice of heaven from the Midwest Misfits in the "heartland" of America.  Very appetizing little teaser of the photos here:

  And a few super cute couples photos too!

                                         Let's here it for the Midwest Misfits!!! <clap now>

This trip was so enjoyable, but no one could overlook the devastation on the local landscape by the drought and what seemed like a lasting forever heat wave.  Fields I had passed by the last summer, thick, lush, healthy green stalks of corn in endless rows now brittle and crispy golden.  It was deeply saddening, but redeeming is the heart and spirit of families.  Truly inspiring.
A graceful toughness, and dedication to keep working and make the best of any situation.  Not to mention a great sense of humor.

As with my first trip to Nebraska the previous August, I was in town for the Cass County Fair.  A *true* fair, not this silly production they call a "fair" in Southern California.   Real people, real animals, tractors, wagons, and favorite part, the lights on the rides as the sun goes down. 

My last day, and only work-free day, my awesome friends Will and Kat took me out to Nebraska City and onto the Home of J. Sterling Morton, founder of Arbor Day (and you know how much I love trees) and the Arbor Lodge on an incredibly beautiful day. 

In Nebraska City, I found my own heaven on earth, the Pendleton store, with an "outlet" style section downstairs.  I'm still recovering for the excitement.  I couldn't help it, I had to take home a new Pendleton, my FIRST *NEW* Pendleton ever.  My collection up until that day had been thrift store finds.
The home of J. Sterling Morton was incredible, when can I move in? Oh man, and the buffet at the Lodge, I have no words...I am suddenly very hungry.  

It was a day full of joy and beauty in Nebraska that ended with a drive home with a landscape speckled with beautiful old barns, some light Elderberry pickin' with Will and Kat and a most fantastic sunset.  I can't wait to come back!!!

The Wrist Alien:

Towards the end of summer, a bridge unfortunately had to be crossed in the form of surgery, boo.  It was minor but took me out of the game for a bit. I had a mean little ganglion cyst in my left wrist the likely result from a fall from my down time adventures.  I work hard, I play hard!  Since this is a common injury, I figure it's good to share since many of you have been wondering what that bump is on your own wrist.  If you have one, just get it checked.

My "wrist alien" as I called it had been there a couple years before it ever caused any pain.  I started having pain in late spring and increased over summer.  Looking ahead to October with a full load of classic pinup/boudoir shoots, and 3 weddings in 10 days alone, I wanted to get it taken care of and healed before the chaos ensued.

 Previously my orthopedist had tried an injection hoping to cause the wrist alien to start to shrink, but alas, no go for me.  So let's get on with it already!

Apologies with the poor, out of focus of the wrist alien.  As the case with any alien and UFO photos, always blurry.  It looked like a bb right in the hole of the "A"  of "California" of my California flag tattoo.  Oh the jokes, yes, good times.  The surgery was so swift that my friend barely had a chance to grab lunch before picking me up in recovery. 

I was back photographing in almost 3 weeks out from the surgery, and back in Nashville to boot.  So glad I decided to pull the trigger and just have the surgery.
It was simple and now I can get back to photographing and punishing myself with push ups! (Hurts so good!)  The scar is almost totally gone!

Next Blog: Amy & Dan

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