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Karen & Adrian: Halloween Wedding Part One

I had heard from one of the bridesmaids who happens to be to a veteran misfit (many awesome photos!) about this incredible Halloween weekend, guests in costumes, zombie reception, tons of spooky Hollywood props from The Dapper Cadaver, totally rad,  all-out wedding.  From the moment I heard about it, I wanted to shoot this wedding so bad.  I mean, it's a crazy Halloween wedding, and I'm Ambitious Misfit Photography, it would be perfect!  As luck would have it, I received a call from Karen (bride) and we met at a favorite local, family owned restaurant, The Tea Gardens.   We had a great time planning, we made a date to meet at the wedding location to check out the lighting on the sprawling 90 acre property. 

The location was a MONSTER, and unfinished for events at the time, so we had to use our imagination to figure what it would be like for the wedding a couple months away.  Lots of really cool little spots for photos, but this land-ship-wreck was a favorite of the bride and groom.  At the time I first saw the awesome destroyed boat, it was covered in shoulder high brush.  However, brush clearance is the law in Southern California and the boat would be revealed by the wedding date,  Smokey Bear wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

The day swiftly approached and on the morning of October 27th, the epic full scale production was in full swing.  The wedding party was split into boys room/girls room as they got ready.

Misfit Brides select the raddest shoes EVER!

 I love this one of the Bridesmaid sneaking a photo with her iphone.

Gift for the Groom

And the boys!

I laid out the gents tuxedo bags, they reminded me of tombstones, perfect for the Halloween theme.

Typically with weddings, the grooms hair takes no time at all.  So I was excited to have the opportunity to have more time, and more shots of the groom getting ready.  Below is one of my favorite shots of the whole set. I like the disembodied arm holding the last spike.

 The bride's gift to the groom.

And what grooms room is complete without a little dance practice.

Ready for the first look!

There was this cute little pomegranate tree I found the day before during the rehearsal.  Adrian was all over it, and he knew about Pomegranates!  Like when to was good to pick or eat, and Karen was down to try it. It was a fun little change from regular wedding photo-taking.

We shot the first look and couples photos first, then onto fun-times with the bridal parties.

Working out pre-game jitters.

The "we picked the right crew" high-five.

This was such a big wedding, I've decided to break it into two blog posts.  All the pre-wedding photos are so fun, ("fun" is a understatement) I just want to make sure the wedding get it's own attention too. 

Next Blog: Karen & Adrian Halloween Wedding Part Two

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