Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda & Jason: Part One

Part of being a photographer for me means I <think> I can get away with not being good with words a little bit more than others and have been able to stand <hide> behind the photos, letting them speak for me.  I am so overwhelmed with the happiness it brought me to photograph the beautiful August wedding of Amanda and Jason that I am struggling to come up with the right things to say in this blog about a most perfect love-filled day in Southern California.

I’m going to split this wedding blog up into two parts because I want to show off so many photos, it would be just too much loveliness going on for one sitting.  Enjoy this part one, and part two coming soon!

I met Amanda only weeks before the big day through another beautiful Misfit Bride.   Amanda was in a pickle with the previously booked photographer in the wind.  Her wedding date had just opened up on my schedule; it was serendipitous for both of us. We met up and  had a delightful sit down at our local favorite, The Tea Gardens (Valencia, CA) where we went over the details.  Over tea and scones we discussed the time line for the event, and had a laugh just getting to know each other. Imaginations running wild we created “Yanni G” the ultimate in easy listening during our fun little visit. 

Fast forward two quick weeks, the night before the wedding event of the summer, my awesomely talented and loving husband/second shooter, Jon and I cleaned the cameras and lenses and talked about the wedding photographic plans. The next morning it was game time, and funny confession – I had Eye of the Tiger in my head that morning.  Amanda must have also because when I met up with her and her bridal party at the Hyatt getting ready she was gorgeous and ready for this most incredible day.

 Right away I started snapping away little detail shots of shoes, dresses, hair fascinators; all the things us gals just love.  Three beautiful brides maids and a handful of family waltzed about the room getting ready and getting things packed up.  Everyone was in high spirits, all so excited, so many beautiful, sincere smiles going on in there you would think straight oxygen was being pumped in.

 All of the finishing touches were done, and everyone looked red carpet ready.  It was time for the dress and a few shots before heading out.

 Meanwhile, at the Grooms "camp", Jon got plenty of fun shots of the guys getting ready, minus the pretty dresses of course.  Jon told me later when I asked how it was, that it was really relaxed and chill.  He said that Jason, the groom, was always “working” getting himself and family ready.  That Jason was a taking care of business, on-task and having fun doing it kind of guy. What a great man, soon to be a great husband.

Jon and I caught up for a moment on location with a little photo jibber-jabber about where we would be for the ceremony and we got ready for the “first look.”  In case you are lost, a first look is a little shoot where the groom and bride meet up pre-ceremony for the big reveal of seeing each other for the first time privately instead of during the ceremony.  We waiting anxiously, the bride was en route! And then, she arrived,...and his world was complete. 

 This is just the beginning,...

Part Two coming soon.
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